e15-KALDEWEI Collection

KALDEWEI Ahlen/Milan, April 2024. - e15 and KALDEWEI present a new collection of bathroom furniture and accessories. The products were designed by Stefan Diez, the industrial designer from Munich, and have been developed and manufactured by e15 for the German premium brand KALDEWEI. Diez works for both KALDEWEI and e15.

The furniture in the new collection is made from solid European oak. A stool and bench, a foot board and a bathtub bridge made of oiled oak fulfil various functions. They are complemented by accessories made of soft, water-repellent leather. Practical and clever, the bag and a towel loop can be magnetically attached to the edge of the tub. The warm and natural surfaces of the e15-KALDEWEI Collection complement the iconic KALDEWEI products made of glazed titanium steel, which are offered in a unique colour palette.

The new e15-KALDEWEI Collection designed by Stefan Diez

The collaboration is based on shared values and the unique design expertise of the partners involved. KALDEWEI is a renowned German premium brand with over 100 years of experience in designing and refining iconic bathroom products made from glazed titanium steel. e15 is a leading European furnishings brand that is strongly anchored in the disciplines of architecture and design and is shaping a new German aesthetic. In addition to their strong passion for sustainable materials and products, both manufacturers are linked by their collaboration with the German designer Stefan Diez. Diez has already made a name for himself with his “10 theses for good design” and is responsible for the creative design of the e15 for KALDEWEI furniture and accessories presented as well as for KALDEWEI bathroom products.

“KALDEWEI is a remarkable brand with impressive manufacturing methods and a long experience. e15 shares many values with KALDEWEI. Both companies stand for progressive design, high-quality materials and sustainable production. So it was a natural step to develop a joint collection.” Philipp Mainzer, e15

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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