Avocado Dreams: The it-pieces of the KALDEWEI collection by designer Bethan Laura Wood

KALDEWEI, Ahlen/London, September 2023 - With her "Avocado Dreams", Bethan Laura Wood has given four key and iconic pieces from KALDEWEI a new look. The unique signature of the British designer is immediately noticeable. Wood was inspired by the organic contours of the Meisterstück Oyo Duo bathtub, and the purist simplicity of the Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval, the straight-lined Superplan Zero shower surface and the delicate Miena washbasin bowl, all now make up the Bethan Laura Wood Avocado Dreams collection.

This outstanding product line features three, almost psychedelic-looking pattern and colour variations: "Avocado Swirl" (green tones), "Avocado Sea" (blue/purple tones) and the expressive colour mix "Avocado Disco". The characteristic lines and silhouettes of KALDEWEI bathroom objects are preserved within Wood's interpretations.

With the Oyo Duo, Wood enchants a true masterpiece from KALDEWEI: with this freestanding bathtub, it becomes immediately apparent that luxury and sustainability, circularity and design can go hand in hand. The double-walled bathtub, inspired by Japanese porcelain manufacture, is made of 100 percent recyclable and therefore sustainable steel enamel. Its precise shaping is only made possible by the highest German engineering skills. Wood's "Avocado Disco" design for the Oyo Duo quite literally allows you to dive into other spheres.

In addition, the Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval freestanding bathtub with its "Avocado Swirl" colour swirl guaranteesmore than 15 minutes of fame. KALDEWEI's earlier collaboration with the design icon Ettore Sottsass resulted in the classic, linear form of the Meisterstück which particularly impressed the British artist. Bethan Laura Wood has designed further eye-catching creations for the bathroom with the Miena washbasin bowls: The single-walled washbasins combine purist design with a unique, almost filigree touch, and their soft contours add an extraordinary air of lightness. The incomparably diverse pattern of the Avocado Dreams by Bethan Laura Wood now metaphorically clothes the Miena in an extravagant and highly dramatic garment.

The fourth design object in the Wood collection is the Superplan Zero floor-level shower surface. The enamelled shower surface is impressivewith its relaxed style and sustainable properties. Installed flush with the floor, the shower surface in turn becomes part of the bathroom floor. Characterised by its elegant and precise lines, it can be walked on from three sides without a threshold - as in the "Avocado Sea" interpretation by Bethan Laura Wood, which promises an even more exhilarating showering experience.

These KALDEWEI products are united by a common thread: they are plastic-free and made of 100 percent recyclable steel enamel. Giving each an elegant, gleaming surface, plus an exceptionally long service life. As such the products in the Bethan Laura Wood collection fit perfectly into KALDEWEI's Lustainability® world.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Receipt requested.

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Meisterstück Oyo Duo in Avocado Swirl. Source: KALDEWEI


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Meisterstück Oyo Duo in Avocado Swirl. Source: KALDEWEI


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Superplan Zero in Avocado Sea. Source: KALDEWEI


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Superplan Zero in Avocado Sea. Source: KALDEWEI


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Miena in Avocado Disco. Source: KALDEWEI


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Miena in Avocado Sea. Source: KALDEWEI


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Miena in Avocado Disco. Source: KALDEWEI