In Glam We Trust. KALDEWEI’s Invisible Grip impresses through its standing safety and glamorous shine to enable carefree enjoyment in the bathroom

KALDEWEI, Ahlen, August 2023 – with its Invisible Grip, KALDEWEI provides a fascinating combination of safety and aesthetics in the bathroom. The new surface finishing for modern shower areas and bathtubs made of steel-enamel ensure optimum stability, without impairing the luxurious aesthetics and feel or the hygienic properties. The innovation of KALDEWEI’s sustainability-oriented Luxstainability® world is the solution for all demanding bathroom users who want a firm hold and safe standing, but don’t want to compromise on luxurious optics.

Invisible Grip is designed to further optimise standing safety in the bathtub or under the shower. Even when using soap, shower gel and shampoo or simply when there is contact with water the invisible micro-structuring of the enamel provides a particularly strong grip. And the haptic experience leaves hardly any wishes unfulfilled: Skin contact with the shining, plastic-free KALDEWEI surface is absolutely pleasant.

Glamour and safety in the bathroom

With Invisible Grip, KALDEWEI once again offers a pioneering innovation for designing safe bathrooms for all generations. LGA Bautechnik confirms the anti-slip properties of Invisible Grip according to quality class C for wet barefoot areas according to DIN EN 16165. This is particularly relevant for the planning of barrier-free bathrooms.

The optically attractive solution with brilliantly finished steel-enamel surface is available in Alpine White for shower areas and for bathtubs. In dry condition the Invisible Grip surface is as convincing as ever through its radiant, splendid shine. This means Invisible Grip not only provides safety, but also introduces a touch of modern glamour to the bathroom. Also good: the micro-structure can naturally also be cleaned just as easily as a normal enamel surface. An explanatory video can be seen at www.kaldewei.co.uk/products/invisible-grip/ which demonstrates how the new surface treatment works. “With Invisible Grip, KALDEWEI offers a solution for the modern bathroom that is both innovative and contemporary, which maximally increases the feeling of safety without compromising on optics, haptics and hygiene. Carefree showering and bathing with aesthetic aspirations hence become everyday normality”, says Yvonne Piu, Head of Global Marketing at KALDEWEI.

The sign of innovation competence

Like every product of the Luxstainability®World from KALDEWEI, Invisible Grip stands for uncompromising safety and trust combined with a highly aesthetic surface finish. Or in other words: In Glamour We Trust. Invisible Grip once again demonstrates KALDEWEI’s special innovative competence, for which the premium manufacturer has been awarded the seal of the Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage (BSFZ) (Certification body for research grants).

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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