Hotel Seegarten

Sundern, Sorpesee

Hotel Seegarten

The Hotel Seegarten in Sundern is a superb place to go when it comes to exclusive holidays in the Sauerland. The hotel of TV chef Olaf Baumeister stands for living and dining culture at the highest level. This also applies to the entire hotel architecture, for which Baumeister and his team only selected the best partners in order to create an ambience full of hand-picked, contemporary furniture and luxurious interiors. The hotelier Olaf Baumeister chose KALDEWEI to give the bathroom design throughout the hotel a high-quality profile. In addition to 14 Centro Duo bathtubs, the Hotel Seegarten presents a real design innovation. The first Nueva washbowls designed by Werner Aisslinger were installed in 49 guest bathrooms.

The designer Werner Aisslinger has succeeded in giving the bowls made of precious steel enamel a unique accent. The Nueva captivates with its clear, elementary form as the antithesis to an increasingly complex world. The concise offset in the contour of the new design gives the bowl a calm precision that predestines it to become the classic of tomorrow. As the crowning glory, the design will receive the Red Dot Award, which will be presented at the end of June 2022. The Hotel Seegarten is the first hotel in the world to use these new washbowls before the official start of sales.


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Hotel SeegartenHotel SeegartenHotel SeegartenHotel SeegartenHotel Seegarten

Otte - Nöcker - Planung

Interior design:

Werner Aisslinger

KALDEWEI products:

NUEVA washbowl, CENTRO DUO bath

Town/city:Sundern, Sorpesee

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